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I am only 29 years old, but during many years I tried so hard to find a treatment to cure my Alopecia, I had so thin hair and some holes I was embarrassed to show. I dind’t anyone to know about it. I tried almost everything! Products, oils, shampoos, etc. but unlucky, I never got good results. Then I was resigned to find a way to hide it, with make up, powders, even a wig, but I felt so insecure and I din’t want to go out, I felt like everyone was watching me.. Imagine how it was like when someone talk about going to a swimming pool or when an important event requires doing my hair. But one day I visit Chocolate Spa in San Carlos and I heard some people in there talking about a new and very innovator product for my hair condition called DabaHair, so I decided to approach to them to find out more about it. First I got a DabaHair Set for day and night, and just as a reference, I decided to take a picture of my hair at that moment. I started using the product and few weeks later I realize the hair loss was reduced drastically and I started seeing a little shade and I couldn’t believe it, so I took another picture and compare it to the previous one and I saw it was actually working! I was so excited that I contact these people and they offer me the micro-needle roller and some vitamins that will improve the results I was already experiencing. I continued using the set and these new products and my hair continued growing, later I found it longer and much stronger, I was just amazed! Now a days I keep thinking DabaHair is a gift coming my way. These miracle products had changed my life and took away all my hair problems. I became more social and outgoing, my self-esteem is now on the top. Now I am more self confident and I enjoy life with no complex. I am so glad I can share this testimonial because I know what is like to live with this problem and I know with my words I can help anyone with hair problems to recover their life. Now after 7 months of treatment with the day and night set, vitamins and using the micro-needle, I find myself with more hair, strong and over all very self-confident.

Brenda  29 años. Guaymas, Sonora.